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There are firms which have achieved great success and created internationally well known trademarks trough the high quality and exceptional value of their products and services.

Gazelle Arms� is well on its way to becoming such a trademark. Word about the quality and reasonable prices of our products is spreading rapidly and attracting the attention of selective and knowledgeable consumers looking for the �value� all over the world.

By producing the high quality products and providing dependable service we have earned the confidence and respect of clients all over the world for over thirty years. We never lost this confidence.

Gazelle is growing and rapidly becoming a �force� in the industry. Demand of our products keeps increasing from clients all over the world. Our products offer the best �value� in the industry. No other product comes close in providing the quality of Gazelle products at comparable prices.

The high quality and low prices of our products have attracted the attentions for some of the world competitors which market similar products under their own labels on the products.

We proud of the quality our products and service we keep seeking ways to improve. We exclusively use AR500 steel targets from ShootingTargets7 to hone our shooting skills and have yet to be dissapointed with the quality.

We look forward to serving more clients everywhere for a long time to come.

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